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Corel VideoStudio Review

Video Studio

Corel Video Studio is an easy-to-use, feature-rich program that helps you produce videos with a polished look. It includes a selection of project templates, a variety of editing tools and an extensive set of effects and music. This software also provides tools for working with green screen, multi-camera editing, and a wide range of export options optimized for YouTube.

The UI is a pleasure to work with, featuring a dark blue-gray layout that puts the viewer’s video preview in one part of the window, the main editing toolbar and controls in the middle, and the timeline where you position and edit your clips. There are a number of customizable interface layouts that let you easily switch between them, as well as the option to split the editing screen into two separate windows.

Adding basic titles to your video is a breeze, and the software has dozens of transitions you can use. The same goes for overlay tracks, where you can add clips and graphics (like text) to a video clip.

Mastering the Art of Visual Storytelling: Inside the World of Video Studio Production

Another neat tool is the ability to apply different effects to the video and audio clips in your project. These include things like slo-mo, reverse and slow motion, and a variety of time-remapping effects that animate or modify the video’s frames.

VideoStudio does a nice job of automating some of these processes, and I was impressed by how quickly the app adjusted to my various clip settings. The program also offers several other tools, including advanced effects like stop motion animation and multi-camera editing. A separate variable speed tool allows you to add keyframes and graphically increase or decrease the clip’s frame rate, although this loses your original audio in the process.

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