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Indoor Playground Equipment Canada

Indoor Playground Equipment Canada

In colder climates, indoor play Indoor Playground Equipment Canada  with a fun place to get out their energy while parents enjoy some time away from the kids. Indoor playgrounds are popular in schools, malls, community centers and even at laundromats (which see an increase in clientele during the winter months due to their warm and inviting atmosphere).

Whether your company is looking for commercial indoor play equipment or something more compact for a home gym, you’ll find it here. Some manufacturers also sell add-on attractions like foam ball shooters and jumping pillows, allowing you to customize your play area for any event or target audience.

Indoor Playground Equipment Trends: What’s Hot in Canada

This indoor play park for toddlers & young children was built in conjunction with a community centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The specialized design maximizes the space while keeping it safe and age appropriate for the youngest visitors. A unique combination of 20 play events include a rock climbing wall, floating obstacle, parent walk through tunnel & an age separated toddler zone that entertains more than 50 happy kids!

Designed to be a one of a kind attraction, this Treehouse themed indoor play park is a hit with local families. The 32 play events including a 3D theming and custom rock climbing panels, a parents’ walk through tunnel & the Stomp interactive play tower entertain 110 happy kids. Unlike some traditional indoor playgrounds, this one features a low maintenance and easy to clean design.

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