Convoy Unltd Health What Happens During an Orthodontic Consultation?

What Happens During an Orthodontic Consultation?

Glow orthodontic consultation can be helpful for people of all ages who need to address bite issues or crooked teeth. Many of these problems can be caused by thumb or finger sucking, mouth breathing, or genetics and are best addressed when a person is younger, as it will be easier for them to grow into the proper shape. However, orthodontic care can help adults correct their dental and facial structure as well, and these procedures can result in straighter, more beautiful smiles. If a person is thinking about or considering orthodontic care, the first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with an orthodontist.

Is orthodontic treatment safe?

The first thing that will happen during the orthodontic consultation is a full evaluation of the patient’s teeth and jaw. This is where the orthodontist will be able to determine what types of treatment will work best for each individual. The orthodontist will also be able to talk with the patient about what to expect from each of these options and answer any questions that they may have.

During this visit, the orthodontist will also take some images of the patient’s mouth. These will likely include an intraoral picture (an image of the inside of the mouth) and a panoramic X-ray of the patient’s mouth. These pictures will show the orthodontist any areas of concern such as decay, missing or extra teeth, or the presence of abnormalities like jaw fractures or cysts.

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