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Navigating Co-Parent Relationships and HarassmentNavigating Co-Parent Relationships and Harassment

Navigating Co-Parent Relationships and Harassment

Navigating Co-Parent Relationships and Harassment up is difficult enough without having to deal with your co-parent harassing you. The harassment can take on a variety of forms including endless phone calls or texts, showing up unannounced at your home or workplace, and spreading rumors about you to friends, family, and even strangers on social media.

Many co-parents will use a form of harassment as a way to try and control their ex-partner or get back at them for actions that led to the breakdown of their marriage. This type of behavior is toxic and hurts the children involved. It is important to remember that if the harassment becomes physical, you should call the police immediately and seek legal action as soon as possible.

Smooth Sailing or Stormy Waters? Navigating Co-Parent Relationships and Harassment

The first step is to make a list of all instances of harassment. Include a description of the situation, the date and time of each incident, and any witnesses. Also, be sure to save any emails, text messages or other digital communications from the harassing co-parent.

Having clear boundaries with your co-parent is critical when dealing with a narcissistic harasser. Keep communication limited to topics related to the children, and avoid sharing personal information. If the harassing co-parent is on your social media, consider blocking them temporarily until this type of behavior is resolved. Additionally, it is a good idea to see your own therapist and/or your child’s therapist during this difficult time.

Texas Land Selling ExpertsTexas Land Selling Experts

Investing in cheap land in Texas opens the door to an array of opportunities, from creating your dream retreat to establishing a farm or recreational property. A thorough understanding of the local market and real estate trends can help you uncover hidden gems that align with your goals and budget.

If you’re considering Texas land buying company, working with a licensed Realtor who specializes in the sale of land can make all the difference. The right agent will employ a variety of strategies to ensure your land sells for top dollar. For example, a trusted land specialist will utilize comparable sales (comps) to determine an accurate market value for your property. In addition, a knowledgeable land agent will take into account the presence of any assets attached to your property—such as mineral rights or wind turbines—and factor these into your asking price.

Navigating the Lone Star Landscape: How Texas Land Selling Experts Can Help You

When determining who to work with, ask for personal recommendations from friends and family members who have sold their land. You should also check out the agent’s website and reviews online to gauge their level of experience and professionalism. Finally, make sure the agent you choose is a member of the National REALTORS® Land Institute and has an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. An ALC is a real estate professional who has gone through extensive, additional, land-specific training to obtain this distinguished distinction.

911 Exterminators – How to Choose a Pest Control Service911 Exterminators – How to Choose a Pest Control Service

pest control service 911 Exterminators

Many 911 Exterminators use natural, environmentally friendly materials to treat homes for infestations of ants, spiders, bees, and other common household pests. This can be particularly important if you have children or pets living in your home, as some pesticides can pose risks to their safety and health. These natural methods are also more effective than just killing the pests themselves, as they can treat the root cause of the problem and prevent future infestations from forming. If you are interested in using a more natural pest control service, check to make sure they have the proper certifications to carry out the treatments safely and effectively.

Pest Control for Property Developers: 911 Exterminators’ Expertise

When looking for a pest control service, it is important to consider the type of infestation that you have and how severe it is. For example, if you have an infestation of rodents like rats and mice, more extermination methods may be needed than if you had a pest problem with other types of insects or bugs, such as cluster flies, earwigs, and pine seed bugs.

It is also important to know if the pest control company has experience dealing with the specific type of infestation that you have in your home or office. You can find this information out by reading online reviews and checking with local organizations or the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. You can also ask the pest control company for copies of their licenses and pesticide labels to verify their qualifications.

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Creative CrosswalksCreative Crosswalks

Creative Crosswalks

In cities of all sizes, painted Creative Crosswalks  serve as pedestrian safety tools that lead people to safe destinations and alert drivers to pay special attention. The instantly recognizable white stripes are the standard across most of the United States, but some communities are going colorful. From rainbows in San Francisco to a series of intricate patterns in Long Beach, the idea of eye-catching crosswalks that are both art and enhanced safety features is gaining traction.

The Knight Creative Community Partnership worked with local artists, students and families to add artistic designs to three schools in the Sabal Palm neighborhood as part of its “crosswalks to classrooms” initiative. The project was motivated by research from Bloomberg philanthropies that shows visually appealing art creates a 50 percent decrease in the rate of crashes involving pedestrians.

Rainbow Crossings: A Visual Tribute to the LGBTQ+ Movement’s History and Progress

Using a grant from CADA, Downtown Partnership is working with City Departments and community partners to explore the possibilities for permanent creative crosswalks. The first will be a rainbow design on Colorado Avenue and Tejon Street, one of the intersections on the Pride parade route in downtown Colorado Springs.

When executed with care and in alignment with federal safety standards, creative crosswalks can enliven a neighborhood while sending the message that roads are not just for cars, but for everyone. Pairing crosswalks with other urban mobility improvements like reduced speed limits, new bike lanes and more outdoor work and dining space can amplify the impact. This approach to street culture can help reshape perceptions of cities as “car-centric” and build support for a more balanced transportation system.

Buyers Agents – Why You Should Use a Buyers AdvocateBuyers Agents – Why You Should Use a Buyers Advocate

Buyers Agents Melbourne Here

Buyers Agents Melbourne Here, upsizer or investor, the buying process can be time-consuming and stressful. A good buyers advocate can take the burden off you and help you save time, money and hassle in a difficult market.

Unlike real estate agents, buyers advocates are solely on the purchaser’s side and will work diligently to ensure that you find your dream property at the best price. They have extensive industry knowledge, expert negotiation skills, and an in-depth understanding of the local market. A good buyer’s advocate will also be well-versed in the Victorian legislation surrounding property acquisition.

The Melbourne Advantage: How Buyers Agents Make Home Buying Smoothe

Abode Advocacy Group offers a full-service buyer’s advocacy service that includes sourcing properties, providing a thorough pre-purchase inspection, negotiating a fair price with the seller and managing the contract through to settlement. They specialise in helping first-time homebuyers, investors and downsizers. Their services start at $2,000 and can be customised depending on your needs.

Advantage Property has been operating in Melbourne for over 20 years and they are renowned for their expert advice, market assessments, and their ability to access “silent” or “off-market” properties. Their clients are better informed, which leads to smarter property decisions and a more successful outcome.

Amanda is a licensed Melbourne buyer’s agent and has worked on both sides of real estate. She provides undivided loyalty to her client and focuses on their best interests with a strong emphasis on transparency. She has a wide network of contacts and access to many off-market properties. She is a member of REBAA and is a contributor to the Millennial Property Podcast. She services all of metro Melbourne and can be contacted directly to discuss her fee structure.