Convoy Unltd Health Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Our water soluble CBD products are formulated with precision, offering exact serving sizes that ensure optimal dosage. This allows your body to absorb the cannabinoids faster and more efficiently, resulting in a rapid onset of effects. Water soluble CBD is also more stable than oil based CBD, as it is less likely to degrade due to heat or sunlight exposure. URL

Water soluble CBD uses a unique process called glycosylation that adds a sugar molecule to the cannabinoid, increasing its bioavailability and making it water soluble. This process also makes it more resistant to oxidation and degradation by the digestive system. Water soluble CBD can be used to make many types of consumer packaged goods (CPG) such as capsules, beverages, and edibles.

In addition to its rapid onset of effect, water-soluble CBD offers several other benefits over oil-based products. For example, water-soluble CBD is more easily absorbed because it is packaged into micelles that aid in absorption. It is also more precise than oils, as dosing can be more controlled. Water soluble CBD is also more stable because it is less vulnerable to degradation and oxidation due to heat or light exposure.

The biocbd+ Difference: Why Water Soluble CBD Stands Out in the Market

When choosing a water-soluble CBD wholesale supplier, look for one that is fully vertically integrated and produces its own products from start to finish. This will ensure a consistent standard of quality that can be difficult to achieve when outsourcing production.

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