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Live Music Festivals in Denver This WeekendLive Music Festivals in Denver This Weekend

Denver, known as the Mile-High City for its outdoorsy spirit and mountains of culture, is home to some incredible live music festivals. Whether you want to dance or find a more intimate jam session space, Colorado has something for everyone.

Red Rocks is a world-famous outdoor amphitheater surrounded by towering red rock formations where you can enjoy some of the most iconic bands in the country and beyond. Red Rocks also hosts a variety of other events throughout the summer such as free concerts, food and beer gardens, and family-friendly activities such as craft beer tasting and art exhibits. Go here

Founded in 1991, the Aspen Jazz Festival promotes and preserves jazz through world-class events, performances, and education programs. The festival features multiple stages and headliners such as Foo Fighters, Old Dominion and the Lumineers.

In Tune with Denver: The Latest Music Festivals This Weekend

Each summer, the Promenade shops at Briargate host a music series called One Sweet Summer. The free event series is held every Wednesday evening during July and August at the Foundry Plaza and offers a beer garden with brews from local breweries, delicious snacks from local vendors, a stage with up-and-coming local musicians and other fun entertainment options for guests to enjoy.

The yearly Caveman Bluegrass Festival showcases regional and national acoustic bluegrass artists in an intimate venue. The festival has grown since its first year and is now a multi-day event featuring several genres of music as well as workshops, kids tent and morning yoga. The Colorado Cello Quartet (CCQ) is a group of seasoned solo and chamber musicians from Denver and Boulder who play classical, contemporary and jazz music. The quartet is committed to promoting and expanding the ensemble literature for cello quartet.

Prepack LiquidationPrepack Liquidation

Prepack liquidation is a quick, cost effective and legally sound solution that allows an insolvent company’s directors to buy their assets/business and use them in a new entity (‘newco’).

Unlike the formal insolvency process of a winding-up petition, a pre-pack sale is private, cutting down on costs and allowing business continuity to be maintained. Moreover, the speed of the sale means that a pre-pack is often less disruptive to employees and suppliers than other insolvency processes.

However, the prepack sales process can raise a number of concerns amongst creditors, particularly the lack of transparency and questions about whether or not a good return was achieved for the creditors of the oldco. During the pre-pack administration process, IPs work closely with potential purchasers to ensure the sale is compliant with UK insolvency laws and that the sale price is fair to the company’s creditors.

The Role of an Insolvency Practitioner: Insights and Responsibilities

A key consideration is that a newco must be a viable company with funding in place to purchase the assets/business of the oldco at a reasonable value. It is also important that the newco must have a good track record and can demonstrate a willingness to invest in the future of the business, and can prove its financial viability to prospective funders.

There are a range of specialist lenders who can help finance the acquisition of the business and assets in a pre-pack. These include providers of factoring, asset-based lending and loans as well as venture capital companies. It is important that any lender is vetted thoroughly, and personal guarantees may be required from the directors of newco especially in cases involving small-medium enterprises (SMEs).

MaryLiq Premium E-LiquidMaryLiq Premium E-Liquid

MaryLiq Premium E-Liquids

Discover the exquisite flavours of MaryLiq Premium E-Liquids, a premium range of nic salt e-liquids from Lost Mary. Encapsulating the celebrated flavours from the Lost Mary disposables into a refillable format, each deliciously complex flavour offers a unique experience that is sure to suit vapers of all tastes.

Pod Salt Flavors: Available Now at ShishaVibe

Nicotine Salts provide a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption for a more satisfying experience. Perfect for those transitioning from smoking, this refined nicotine delivery system ensures that you can instantly experience a sense of fulfilment as soon as you inhale.

Maryliq Nic Salts feature a precise 50/50 VG/PG ratio, ensuring that each flavour has its fullest potential. Designed with mouth-to-lung starter kits and refillable pod vapes in mind, these high-quality liquids are the ideal addition to any compact device that features a pre-installed coil.

Flavour Profiles

Embark on a journey of fruity goodness with this enchanting selection of Maryliq e-liquids. Each tantalizing flavour expertly combines the sweet and tangy essence of ripe berries with a cool rush of icy menthol, creating an invigorating vaping sensation that will instantly revitalize your senses.

Lost Mary’s best-selling Triple Berry Ice e-liquid is a symphony of berry goodness. Each inhale reveals the scrumptious sweetness of a blend of juicy strawberries, raspberries and blueberries before a cooling wave of icy menthol sweeps across the palate to refresh your taste buds.

MaryLiq Blueberry Sour Raspberry is the perfect balance of sweet and sour fruity goodness. Each inhale delivers a vibrant and slightly tart essence of blue raspberries, as if you’ve just plucked the juiciest berries straight from the vine on a crisp winter morning.

The Benefits of Outdoor AdvertisingThe Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

The success of your marketing campaigns largely depends on how quickly and consistently consumers can become familiar with the products and brands you are trying to promote. This is where outdoor advertising comes in. From traditional billboards that can be seen on the daily commute to digital advertisements within your favourite shopping centre, outdoor ads have a unique ability to build brand recall with their audience.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing where consumers have the ability to close a webpage, fast forward a TV commercial or turn the channel, outdoor advertising is one of the few marketing channels that consumers cannot ignore. This is especially important for building brand familiarity and securing long-term engagement with your business.

The Impact of Outdoor Advertising: Reaching Audiences Beyond the Screen

With the right creative, outdoor ads can be incredibly impactful and leave your audience with a lasting impression of your brand. The art component of this form of advertising involves producing visually captivating, emotionally impactful, and memorable ads that resonate with your target market. This type of creative requires a strong combination of artistic design and visual aesthetics with strategic planning, research and data-driven decision-making.

Another key benefit of outdoor advertising is that it can be used to complement digital campaigns. This is particularly relevant for non-profits who operate on a local or community level. This allows them to reach a diverse and wide-spread audience, raising awareness for social issues or fundraising campaigns. Additionally, outdoor advertising is a great way to communicate clear calls to action that encourage people to donate or get involved.

CBD Vapes AustraliaCBD Vapes Australia

Vaporizers, also known as vaporisers or electronic cigarettes, are devices that heat a liquid to create a vapour that you inhale. The liquid in a cbd vape is typically CBD vape juice that’s been infused with glycerin or propylene glycol to make it suitable for use in the device. The liquid is inserted into a cartridge that’s attached to an atomiser, which uses heat from the heating coil to convert the liquid into vapour.

The cbd vapes Australia is then inhaled through the mouthpiece, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. This method of administration is considered to be more effective than oils and edibles, which must pass through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. However, the effects of a cbd vape don’t usually last as long as CBD oil, although this may be dependent on dosage.

Inhale Relaxation: CBD Vapes in Australia

There are a variety of products available to Australians that allow them to legally vape medicinal cannabis. These include tinctures for oral consumption and CBD vape liquids. They contain a high concentration of CBD, but the exact ratio and quantity will vary depending on the product.

It is important to find a CBD vape product that has been tested by an independent lab and is free from contaminants. A reputable manufacturer will be open about what’s in their products, and they should disclose whether the vape product is broad spectrum or isolated (isolated has higher levels of THC). They should also provide a list of ingredients and a breakdown of the terpene profiles. In addition, it’s vital to check for thinning agents such as PG (propylene glycol), which when heated can deteriorate into two carcinogens, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.