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Clairvoyance – What is Clairvoyance?


You’ve voyance discount planning seen a neon sign that flashes “psychic” on the outside of a building, with another sign beneath it that reads “clairvoyant readings.” If you have, you may have felt a little bit of a shiver down your spine, based off of Hollywood depictions of clairvoyance- dark imagery and spirits standing by your bed.

Clairvoyance is an important psychic ability that allows you to see energy as colors, vibration and images. It’s also known as ESP, or extrasensory perception, and it is one of the primary types of psychic abilities that people are able to develop. The word clairvoyance is French for clear seeing and is a type of psychic intuition that allows you to see beyond the current physical state.

Those with clairvoyant powers often feel a sense of deja vu, which is the feeling that you have already experienced something similar. In addition, they often have very vivid dreams that can be either visions or tell a story that provides insight into the future. People who are clairvoyant are very visual people and their sight is always active, even when they are sleeping.

Fascinating Cases of Clairvoyance: True Stories of Psychic Sight

There are two kinds of clairvoyants, one has their ability turned down or at least shut off, while the other has it erratic. The ones that have it erratic may benefit from learning techniques to help them to focus their clairvoyant sense. They are also likely to enjoy creative hobbies like drawing, painting or photography because they often utilize visualization to access clairvoyance.

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