Convoy Unltd Blog Confederate Flags Store Sells More American Flags

Confederate Flags Store Sells More American Flags

Confederate Flags Store

At one point, the store sold more Confederate flags than it does in a month. Now it’s selling more American ones.More

The Confederate flag has re-entered the public debate since Dylann Roof’s mass shooting at a Charleston church prompted calls to remove the symbol from state buildings and other public places. National retailers like Sears, Walmart and Amazon have pulled the Confederate flag from their websites and stores, while others, including local and regional shops, continue to sell them.

Some owners say they have had a conversation about whether to keep selling them, and some have decided to stop. A Gettysburg store near a Civil War battlefield, for example, had to temporarily shut its doors after it received threats of protests from people who wanted it to stay open.

Heritage and Legacy: Inside the Confederate Flags Store

But other owners, who have vowed to continue to sell the flags, say sales are surging. At Dixie Flag Manufacturing in San Antonio, Texas, the company has sold as many of the symbols in the past few days as it would typically sell over a couple months. And at the online store Proud Rebel, which sells a range of merchandise, from shirts to bikinis, orders have been up by 1,670% since Friday.

The site’s owner, Ron Hammon, has defended the flag and said that it represents Southern pride rather than racism. But he also says he’s not afraid of being labeled a racist for continuing to sell the flag. Customers, he says, support his decision.

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