Convoy Unltd Blog Exploring Nature – Environmental Education in Childcare Centres

Exploring Nature – Environmental Education in Childcare Centres

Getting Premium Childcare Surfers outdoors on a regular basis helps develop their sense of wonder and curiosity. It allows them to play, experiment, take risks, question, discover, sing, dance and imagine. It also gives them the opportunity to experience the healing effects of nature. Being outdoors reduces stress, boosts mood and increases empathy and cooperation. Nature is a source of healing, spirituality and inspiration. It is a way for children to connect with God.

What are the 5 main areas of child development?

Children who have a sense of wonder about the natural world are more likely to value and protect it. They will want to explore, play and learn about the animals and plants they see. They will notice that some things change from season to season and be curious about why. They will understand that the creatures and plants around them depend on each other for survival. They will understand that God is the creator of all and that He has a plan for them and all creation.

Families can make the most of nature by taking a walk at a local park, camping in your backyard, planting a garden or creating a bird feeder. They can watch ants at work, study the stars in the sky and look at how trees turn colors in fall. They can even visit a nature center and find out about what wildlife lives in your area. It is also possible to connect with nature at home through a child’s school playground, in a backyard or in the city parks.

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