Freight Management

When companies rely on trucks and other vehicles for the transportation of goods, they need someone to coordinate with carriers, negotiate rates, and ensure all shipping documents are in order. That person is a freight management professional, a logistics expert who works with the carrier community to optimize shipping operations and reduce overall costs. A successful freight management operation can help a business save thousands of dollars annually.

Companies hire freight management professionals for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re facing a temporary spike in volume, have recently changed locations or acquired another company, or are struggling with the cost of existing logistics processes. Alternatively, they may need to review their shipping practices to ensure compliance with regulations or to make sure they’re getting the best value for their freight dollar.

Some companies choose to take full control of their shipping process, using in-house personnel to manage the loading, unloading and delivery of goods. This approach can be especially effective for companies that produce high volumes of goods and have a large customer base in a specific region. This model often involves the use of dedicated vehicles that carry only their goods.

The other main method of transporting goods is to entrust a third-party service provider with the responsibility for the loading, unloading and delivery of their cargo. This is a good solution for companies that want to focus on their core business, and also for those that don’t have the resources to invest in their own trucking fleet or other transport vehicles. This model mostly concerns road transport, although some larger companies may own their own aircraft or ships as well.

A third option is to use a freight management system that supports a range of document uploads and formats, including those required for government compliances related to goods and transport. This type of software solution is very common in the transportation industry and can help businesses streamline the entire process of shipment delivery, saving them both time and money.

Why is Freight Management Important?

Freight Management can reduce the risk of costly mistakes that can damage your company’s reputation, erode customer loyalty and ultimately impact sales. Whether you’re struggling with seasonal or project-based volume fluctuations, a new product launch, or changes to your shipping process, working with an experienced freight management company can ensure that your shipping operations are running smoothly.

A reputable freight management company will work to fit your business, not force you into a predesigned shipping strategy. They’ll create a streamlined process that fits your needs and works with your business objectives, making it easier to meet customer fulfillment expectations, minimize real estate and labor costs, and control total logistics costs. This will set you apart from your competition and give you an edge when it comes to delivering on customer satisfaction.